Watered down turn buoys.

Here is the tank I use to add water and inflate the buoys. I cut the stem in half so I can still use it for spraying things. The sport needle is simply epoxied to the other half of the stem. I add the water to the tank, pump it about 30 strokes and then walk away. When I come back, it usually measures just right.


I have hit regular 100% air filled turn buoys and I have hit them with 1 quart water filled turn buoys. From experience, the watered down buoys seem to sink when hit and not disrupt me as much. I understand from a Technical Controller that the side affect is that the watered down buoys require less tension to float them at center height, which could cause a problem with keeping them to AWSA record tolerance.


The jig pictured above is for the old size buoys. (gates and turns) You now only need one size for gates and turns. 20cm or 7 15/16 inches.



As I understand now, the extra mass of the water could cause more danger from a side hit, and I believe AWSA does not allow water in buoys in tournaments.

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