These are simple instructions for making a camera bracket to securely hold a vertical type camera like a Kodak Play Sport or even a phone attached to a pylon tracking device like a Trakker.


Home Depot # 470918 36” x 3/4” x 1/16” Aluminum Angle. $ 3.74     This will make 2 brackets.

2 – Machine screws, lock washers and nuts to bolt 4 layers of 1/16” angles together.

2 – Nuts for mounting to Tracker

Parts B and C will have one hole each for ¼” bolt to hold down to Tracked.

Use double stick carpet tape or glue, to line 4 edges of the 2 A pieces with rubber or neoprene or thin outdoor carpet. You might want a piece between D and the bottom of the camera.

Use almost anything to hold camera in bracket like: Double sided Velcro, rubber band or twist tie.

NOTE: Your neoprene might be thicker, so I suggest cutting the two 4” pieces first and hold the camera and neoprene between them and measure the width. I also suggest before drilling, clamping the vertical pieces tightly beside C & D. You will want the bolt to match the hole very snugly to firmly hold the A pieces. Cutting B an 1/8” longer than C & D is not necessary, but makes for a cleaner look.


Cut list:

2p – 4”   -   A

1p – 2 9/16”   -   B

2p – 2 7/16”   -   C & D

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