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Tech Talk Mon, 27 Apr 2020 16:53:19 -0400
Subject: Knee Braces - by: skimech Tech Talk Mon, 30 Mar 2020 16:05:16 -0400 Subject: The weight of Reflex verses Goode bindings. - by: BudDavis
The Reflex was almost one pound more. Reflex 5.97 lbs verses Goode 5.0256 lbs. (NO liners.)

I am not saying that more or less weight is good or bad. I am just sharing the weights.]]>
Equipment Talk Wed, 11 Mar 2020 09:21:34 -0400
Subject: Moomba Masters 2020 Live Webcast and Replay - by: BudDavis
Link to webcast:

Link to skier list:

The time changes this weekend, and I am not sure if I did the conversions right, so check the website to be sure you have the right time. They are 16 hours ahead of the US east coast. Link to schedule.]]>
Tournament Talk Mon, 02 Mar 2020 17:50:36 -0500
Subject: Trying a RTP for first time in 40 years. - by: BudDavis
I have been completely resting my ankle to see if I could get the pain to go away from the bone marrow edema.
I decided to change binding system. I had double Goode Power Shells. I have been using double boots for longer than I have been on the slalom course. I went to double boots when I went from a Jobe Honeycomb w/RTP to a Kidder Redline with double high wraps. That was probably in the beginning of the 80s.

I chose Reflex front and R-style rear. I set it up this morning and headed out to ski. So, that is about forty years wearing a rear boot and not even trying a RTP.

I just got through skiing with the new setup. It was weird feeling just standing before I got in the water. I felt a little unstable as the boat pulled me up. I felt so uncomfortable pulling out for the gate, I did not even turn in for the gate.

I ran the second pass, but I felt very insecure. During the next four passes, I continued feeling unstable, but could feel the potential for making better off-side turns, if I can get used to the R-style rear binding. I even felt uncomfortable pulling out to drop at the end of the set, and every time at the ends of the lake.

I hope to ski a second set tomorrow with this same set-up.]]>
Equipment Talk Sat, 22 Feb 2020 17:02:46 -0500
Subject: I was told Dave Goode Died Today. - by: BudDavis]]> Miscellaneous Wed, 15 Jan 2020 20:45:32 -0500 Subject: Back on water after 3 surgeries and 5 months. - by: BudDavis
I started 2 mph slower than I normally ski, but put it on 28off. I fully expected to run the pass, but probably sloppy. Wrong! I could not even edge change. The first two passes, I went through the gates and could not get the ski off of the far edge.

I then got a piece of rope from under the seat and added it. The next two passes were at 22off, and I still could not change edge. It might have just been my subconscious trying to protect my two knees and ankle after surgery. It has only been three weeks since the last surgery.

I then told myself exactly what I tell my students, and I ran the six next passes. I felt like skiing more passes, but I knew my body would regret it later, so I ended the set.

I am very excited to continue skiing and hopefully get back to 34mph and short line.

Merry Christmas to all of you.]]>
Ski Talk Wed, 25 Dec 2019 17:16:52 -0500
Subject: Prepare to ski better. - by: BudDavis
This is a simple apparatus that might help strengthen many muscles and improve balance. You can work out in four directions. Parallel to pipe, 90 degrees to pipe, 45 degrees left and 45 degrees right. I think you will be amazed at how many muscles you feel tighten up as you work out with this device.

If you do not already have some scraps of plywood lying around, Lowes sells cut to order, and arts and craft stores may also sell disc. That is a 1 inch piece of PVC pipe screwed to the board.

Try this and let us know what you think.]]>
Fitness for skiing Wed, 20 Nov 2019 12:09:51 -0500
Subject: Installing a slalom course. - by: BudDavis
It is hard to know the best way to put a slalom course in a lake, mainly because lakes are different. Some methods work better in different lakes.

It would seem to me that a cross cable course might be the easiest, but enough depth is desirable so handles do not get caught and disrupt the cable. This type is often easy to install and it can be made self adjusting very easily.

If the water level does not change much, the need for self adjusting should not be necessary. However, if there is a frequent fluctuation in water level, a self adjusting course is great.

Individually anchored buoys are great if you have a dry bottom on which to work. If you are installing anchors in deep water with no visibility, you could spend quite a bit of time finding the exact location. There are different types of individual anchors. Some people drive a rod into the ground and some use concrete blocks or molded concrete. The heavier they are, the better they seem to stay, but might be hard to move where they need to be.

I have recently taken on the task of redoing my entire course. I decided to use a three point anchor system for each buoy and self adjusting buoys. I used three standard blocks with a loop of rope on each. The blocks sit on the lake bottom in a triangulated position around the point where the buoy needs to be located. I have a half inch PVC pipe through my sub-buoy so the line or bungee connecting the weight to the buoy can run through. The trick to adjusting a three point system is placing two blocks in line with the direction of the boat path, and the single block perpendicular to the first two blocks. The first adjustment gets the sub-buoy correctly placed lengthwise. The second adjustment gets the sub-buoy correctly placed width-wise. As seen in the photo, the adjustments are made by sliding one rope through the other.

What are some ways you have seen working well?

Do you have any suggestions?]]>
Slalom Course Talk Sun, 20 Oct 2019 14:18:15 -0400
Subject: Video of Freddie Moving Pylon. - by: BudDavis
Miscellaneous Sat, 19 Oct 2019 09:02:58 -0400