- Forum Sun, 22 Sep 2019 18:24:12 -0400 Kunena 1.6 - Forum en-gb Subject: Buy this 2011 Nautique Team 200 and ski well. - by: BudDavis Boat Talk Sun, 15 Sep 2019 09:16:02 -0400 Subject: 4th Annual Queen’s Cup - by: BudDavis annual Queen’s Cup
The fourth annual Queen's Cup is set for Sept. 21-22 at Little Mountain
Lakes near Charlotte, N.C., returning with its unique slalom format and created to provide
women the opportunity to compete for cash and prizes at a world record site.
The Queen’s Cup, with a purse exceeding $10,000 in cash and prizes, is presented by and area Nautique dealer Race City Marine of Mooresville, N.C.
The event is designed to parallel the men's Nautique Big Dawg World Tour and to give women
the opportunity to take center stage at an elite event. Little Mountain Lake is the site of
numerous national and world records.
Regional, national and world champions are among the skiers entered, with some 15 national
champions on the running order. The event is open to any level, from first tournament to skiers
in their 70s.
Among those skiing this year are Hall of Famer Jennifer Leachman LaPoint of Florida and
perennial national champion Joy Kelley of Tennessee. Other former or current national
champions entered include Gail Case of North Carolina and Trish Burt of Florida.
Skiers ages 30 and older from throughout the United States as well as Europe, Australia and
Canada competed in the first three Queen's Cups.
The top 16 after two rounds of Saturday qualifying advance to Sunday's head-to-head finals.
Those outside the top 16 get a third round of skiing Sunday morning.
Cash and prizes are awarded to the top three skiers who most exceed their average scores
Saturday, based on a handicap system, regardless of whether they advance to the Sweet 16,
thus giving skiers of all levels multiple ways to win cash and prizes.
The most unique aspect of the Queen's Cup is parity. All ages compete on equal footing, as
boat speeds are taken out of the equation. For example, women whose maximum boat speed is
30 or 32 mph get the same buoy scores as those whose top speed is 34. A 28-off pass -- or any
other -- counts the same at any boat speed.
That format propelled Kelley, 58 years old at the time, into the head-to-head final against
34-year-old Josefin Hirst at the inaugural Queen's Cup in 2016. Kelley's top boat speed was 32;
Hirst's was 34. Kelley defeated 34-mph skiers Brenda Baldwin and Chelsea Mills in the rounds
of 8 and 4, before falling to Hirst in the final.
Australian Vennesa Vieke, who trains and lives in Florida, won the 2017 crown, and tournament
host skier Mills won in 2018.
To enter, go to for tournament information. For sponsorship opportunities and
other information on the Queen’s Cup, contact tournament director Jeff Gilbert at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .]]>
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Subject: Malibu Open Set For Friday & Saturday Webcast - by: BudDavis]]>
Tournament Talk Thu, 12 Sep 2019 22:02:50 -0400
Subject: 2017 vapor lithium - by: waterclown 65" skiing 32@15 off.Thanks]]> Ski Talk Thu, 12 Sep 2019 17:27:17 -0400 Subject: How NOT to reach for the handle too early? - by: kylefraser
I had some quality video from a good set I recently had (don't get much video). It's clear from the video and coaching I've had, that I am waiting for the buoys instead of trusting I'll get around them (which becomes glaring at -35off, where I get usually only get 0.5-3 buoys).

It looks like I'm reaching towards the boat instead of the buoy, creating slack, loosing rope tension/balance and also grabbing for the handle before the ski has finished the turn.

So my question is: If this is a big gap in my technique (I do believe it is) How do I initiate my turn earlier and not reach for the handle so quickly/abruptly?


different set/boat/lake -32 (4)

any insight would be much appreciated!]]>
Free Video Coaching Wed, 11 Sep 2019 10:27:46 -0400
Subject: California Water Ski Pro Am This Weekend Webcast - by: BudDavis

[I would guess these are West Coast Times]
Subject to change

Jeff Rasley

Friday, September 6, 2019
Day 1

8:00 am Start

Boys 1 - 3

Girls 1 - 3

Mens 1 - 4

Womens 1 - 10

Masters Men

Mens 5 - 10

Second round Immediately


Saturday, September 7, 2019
Day 2

8:00 am Start

Masters Men Head-to-Head

Open Women Rd 1

Open Men Rd 1

Open Women Rd 2

Open Men Rd 2

Sunday, September 8, 2019
Day 3

8:30 AM Start

* Note: Updated Start Time as of 9/15

Amateur Head-to-Head

Open Womens Head-to-Head

Open Mens Head-to-Head

Some of the world's top men's and women's slalom skiers will vie for respective titles Friday through Sunday at the 17th California Water Ski Pro Am, presented by Nautique, at Diablo Shores in Brentwood, Calif. U.S. professional athletes expected to compete include Brooke Baldwin, Ryan Canepa, Brian Detrick, Samantha Dumala, Regina Jaquess, Dane Mechler, Nick Parsons, Nate Smith, Jon Travers, Karen Truelove, Corey Vaughn and Terry Winter.

A live webcast and more information can be viewed by visiting]]>
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Subject: Sinkable course - by: Coach3 Equipment Talk Wed, 04 Sep 2019 12:29:17 -0400 Subject: Coach3 and the 2020 Vapor - by: BudDavis What 2020 Vapor are you trying?
What were you on?]]>
Equipment Talk Mon, 26 Aug 2019 08:51:04 -0400
Subject: IWWF Waterski World Championship Replay Video - by: BudDavis

Tournament Talk Fri, 16 Aug 2019 14:56:00 -0400
Subject: 2019 America's Cup Invitational Video - by: BudDavis

Video below starts at begining.

Tournament Talk Tue, 13 Aug 2019 19:32:33 -0400
Subject: 2019 Malibu Open - French Edition - Video - by: BudDavis

Tournament Talk Tue, 13 Aug 2019 17:09:32 -0400
Subject: Screws in bone - by: BudDavis Here is an x-ray after surgery showing two screws used to put bone back together and the thing that looks like a zipper are the staples used to put skin back together.]]> Miscellaneous Mon, 12 Aug 2019 16:13:38 -0400 Subject: 2019 Big Dawg World Tour Finals Jeff Rodgers Video - by: BudDavis ]]> Tournament Talk Sun, 11 Aug 2019 10:33:31 -0400 Subject: 2019 - Andy Mapple ProAm Replay Video - by: BudDavis

Tournament Talk Wed, 07 Aug 2019 16:34:12 -0400
Subject: Struggling at 15 off - by: RickR90s
However, our Wally Sinker Course has the Inner Course installed and I'm finding I do just about everything better running 32 off (32mph). I can get around 1, and get very close to the other 5 buoys, and definitely no problem running the inner course. I'm on a 2017 Connelly Carbon V and it just feels so much better at the shorter line length.

I'm struggling with this mentally and would love any advice.


Slalom Course Talk Mon, 15 Jul 2019 12:56:01 -0400
Subject: 2019 San Gervasio Pro-Am Video - by: BudDavis

Tournament Talk Sun, 07 Jul 2019 21:33:25 -0400
Subject: Regina Jaquess Sets Pending World Slalom Record - by: BudDavis If approved by the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation’s Tournament Council, the score will surpass her current world record of 4 buoys at 41 feet off that she set in July 2018 at the Isles of Lake Hancock in Winter Garden, Fla.]]> Tech Talk Sat, 06 Jul 2019 18:31:46 -0400 Subject: Fin Whisperer Fin ???? - by: ChrisDugas
Checking to see if any of you guys know more about it.]]>
Tech Talk Sun, 23 Jun 2019 12:45:04 -0400
Subject: Changing from dual puck to single puck ZO w/Rev S - by: BudDavis
As a skier, the first thing I noticed was a sold hookup. When I first skied behind ZO in 2011, I never felt like I was affecting the speed of the boat with ZO as I connected. I am talking about that see-saw feeling you get with Perfect Pass where you connect and you feel some mush like you are slowing the boat down. Again I do not remember feeling that with the old ZO, but now with this new system, it makes me realize there must have been some of that with the old ZO. This feels like the boat does not have to replace anything because it does not let you take anything.

I only skied 8 passes in my first and only set so far. I have always used C2, so that is where I set this one. I skied 1-28 off, 4-32 off. I then added the plus to C2 and skied 2 more 32 off and then 1-38 off. I ran all my passes including the 38.

As a driver, I have first notice that the boat settles in to the slow speeds much better. The other system I had was sensitive to extra RPM. If I pulled a skier into the course with more RPM than I needed, the boat would over shoot the speed, then under shoot and then speed back up to the target speed. I intentionally over powered the approach yesterday on some slow speeds and the boat settled in beautifully.]]>
Boat Talk Sat, 15 Jun 2019 12:38:54 -0400
Subject: Replay Video Lake 38 Pro Am 2019 - by: BudDavis

Great webcast today and more to come tomorrow.]]>
Tournament Talk Sat, 01 Jun 2019 18:12:33 -0400
Subject: 60th Masters This Weekend - by: BudDavis

Friday, May 24th
27th Junior Masters: 8am – 5pm
8:00 AM

Junior Women’s & Men’s Trick Semifinals/Finals

Junior Women’s & Men’s Slalom Semifinals/Finals

Junior Women’s & Men’s Jump Semifinals/Finals

Junior Men’s Wakeboard Semifinals/Finals

5:00-8:00 PM

Callaway Gardens Market, Robin Lake East Beach

8:45 PM

Movie Night on the Beach: Robin Lake East Beach

Saturday, May 25th
60th Masters Semifinal Rounds: 8am – 5pm
8:00 AM

Pro Women’s & Men’s Trick Semifinals

O’Brien Scholarship Challenge: Junior Women’s Slalom Head-to-Head

Pro Women’s & Men’s Slalom Semifinals

Adaptive Water Ski Exhibition

Pro Women’s & Men’s Wakeboard Semifinals

Adaptive Water Ski Exhibition

Pro Women’s & Men’s Jump Semifinals

7:00 – 9:00 PM

Live Band – Robin Lake East Beach

9:15 PM

Fireworks Show, Presented by GM Marine Engine Technology, Robin Lake East Beach

Sunday, May 26th
60th Masters Final Rounds: 10am – 5pm
8:00 AM

Morning of Champions Chapel Service, Mountain Creek Inn Ballroom

10:00 AM

Opening Ceremonies

10:30 AM

Pro Women’s & Men’s Trick Finals

O’Brien Scholarship Challenge: Junior Men’s Slalom Head-to-Head

Pro Women’s Slalom Finals

Pro Men’s Slalom Finals

Adaptive Water Ski Exhibition

Pro Women’s & Men’s Wakeboard Finals

Adaptive Water Ski Exhibition

Pro Women’s & Men’s Jump Finals


Awards Reception – Lodge & Spa, Longleaf Ballroom


Awards Ceremony & Banquet

7:00 – 10:00 PM

Live Band – Robin Lake East Beach]]>
Tournament Talk Mon, 20 May 2019 08:17:58 -0400
Subject: Upcoming Webcast - by: BudDavis
The Water Ski Broadcasting Co.

Next webcasts:
U.S. Jnr. Open + Pro Am Challenge - Oconomowoc, WS (June 28-30)
San Gervasio Pro-Am - San Gervasio, Italy (July 5-7)
Malibu Open: French Edition - Lacanau, France (July 9-11)

Those are the ones that are confirmed at this time - more will be added when details are finalized]]>
Tournament Talk Thu, 16 May 2019 09:19:14 -0400
Subject: CC 200 Alternator - by: DW Alternator on his 200 appears to have malfunctioned - as we were using the boat to install course then ski, the dash indicated no charging, it basically read a high of 11.7 and dropped to 10 to where the boat would not start again. We pulled the alternator and I had him have it tested at a local starter shop, it puts out 16 volts so it appears the reluctor / regulator (new GM so I believe an internal regulator) is malfunctioning.
My question - since the dash and based on what was happening, the battery was not being charged as we were running and discharging the battery, does anybody know if there are either fuses or relays in the system to either stop an overcharge or fail due to excessive voltage. I poked around briefly and did not see any and I have not found a 2014 200 circuit diagram either. Thanks for any assistance.]]>
Tech Talk Mon, 06 May 2019 17:57:57 -0400
Subject: Tournament PB for Me. - by: BudDavis I forgot to take them as I rushed out to a tournament I was working yesterday. I do not know if it was that or just 100% pure luck, but I upped my tournament PB by one buoy from four years ago.

New PB is 3 1/2 at 39 1/2 off.

Cary McDonald was there taking pictures and snapped this one of me. Check out his website.]]>
Tournament Talk Sun, 05 May 2019 20:42:37 -0400
Subject: 2019 Travers GrandPrix Pro-Am Recorded Video - by: BudDavis

Some of the world’s top men’s slalom skiers will compete Friday and Saturday in the second annual Travers Grand Prix Pro-Am at Jack Travers’ International Tournament Skiing and Sunset Lakes in Groveland, Fla. The unique event includes a record-capability cash prize tournament for the pro skiers in addition to a team format that combines pros and amateurs competing in slalom skiing, skeet shooting and go-kart racing.
Friday’s action includes amateur and professional (prelims) slalom skiing at Sunset Lakes and go-kart racing at Bushnell Motorsports Park, while Saturday’s events include amateur slalom skiing (9 a.m.), skeet shooting (10 a.m.) and the pro men’s slalom finals (3 p.m.) all at Sunset Lakes.

The pro men’s slalom finals will include a live webcast.

For more information, including the schedule of events and running orders, visit

Tournament Talk Thu, 02 May 2019 21:07:17 -0400
Subject: Swiss Pro Slalom Webcast 5/12/2019 Replay link - by: BudDavis They always seem to do a great webcast.

You can wet your appetite here.

Live Video link

Provisional List
1 Alexandra Garcia USA
2 Jessie Dobbertin USA
3 Neilly Ross CAN
4 Alice Bagnoli ITA
5 Paige Rini CAN
6 Aliaksandra Danisheuskaya BLR
7 Chelsea Mills USA
8 Allie Nicholson USA
9 Samantha Dumala USA
10 Brooke Baldwin USA
11 Jaimee Bull CAN
12 Whitney McClintock Rini CAN
13 Regina Jaquess USA
1 Matteo Luzzeri ITA
2 Jamie Calhoun CAN
3 Taylor Garcia USA
4 Sean Hunter USA
5 Thibaut Dailland FRA
6 Benjamin Stadlbaur SUI
7 Carlo Allais ITA
8 Adam Sedlmajer CZE
9 Chris Parrish USA
10 Stephen Neveu CAN
11 Corey Vaughn USA
12 Joel Howley AUS
13 Thomas Degasperi ITA
14 Robert Pigozzi DOM
15 Jonathan Travers USA
16 Will Asher GBR
17 Frederick Winter GBR
18 Sacha Descuns FRA
19 Nate Smith USA]]>
Tournament Talk Thu, 25 Apr 2019 08:10:22 -0400
Subject: Protecting Hands - by: Heppie
Any info. on this would be appreciated.]]>
Tech Talk Tue, 02 Apr 2019 11:51:50 -0400