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TOPIC: 2018 Radar Lithium Senate first impressions review

2018 Radar Lithium Senate first impressions review 1 year, 4 months ago #9479

5'11" 175 lbs

Well I got to take out my new ski today. Sorry I couldn't get any video because only the wife and 4 year old were with me. I do have some initial thoughts, that I'm hoping stand the test of time as they are mostly all positive.

My first pass I ran 30 mph -15. This is usually a pretty easy pass for me and I don't really miss them. However, after going through, I asked my wife if the perfect pass actually held speed through the course expecting her to say that it didn't, and it was going slow. Nope, she said it held great, and I was immediately wondering if this was the best money ever spent.

From there, though, we went to 32 mph -15 where I usually get maybe half my passes. It kind of blew up in my face. The ski was different enough that pass after pass, my timing just seemed to rarely be right due to all the new found speed I had just suddenly come up with. I was pumped to have the speed because when I demo'd the CX superlight in May, that was my one big takeaway was that the ski was super fast, and I felt like with a little practice I could turn that into a good thing and I was kind of sad at my skis for not generating that much speed that easily. So I'm staying positive because I'm excited to have this extra speed, but at the same time, it is ruining my passes because it seems I have to completely recalibrate all my timing. So my skiing for the remainder of the 2 sets was pretty rough as I'm trying figure out timing.

Then on my third set, it all came together. I felt like I was finally getting my timing together and the passes started feeling really good. I only took 3 passes on this set because I was very tired, but on the third one, I felt comfortable enough to take Will Ashers advice from the Demo day in May to reach more at the balls. This was just another step in the right direction as it seemed to help me manage the new found speed better and I finished on a 3 pass set running all 3 really solid with my last pass being the best of all of them.

This ski seems to be a perfect middle ground between my two old skis (2012 69" Senate and 2012 68" Vice-C). The old Senate always felt great at 28 mph and 30 mph, but felt like it started shying away from getting too aggressive on my 32 mph pass. It felt like I didn't have to tug so hard to get cross-course speed, but once I got out to the turn with all that speed, it didn't seem super excited to rip an aggressive turn too tight. The Vice-C was the opposite. It had no problem turning, but it seemed to just want me to be a lot stronger person than I am in order to generate good cross-course speed. With that ski I could ski it OK if I was fresh, but it wore me out really quickly as I am quite a weakling. This new Senate seems to be a really good compromise on the turning, not quite as sticky in the turns as the Vice-C, but a good amount better than the old Senate. It might be better than both of them at generating speed. Still not as fast as that superfast CX superlite, much faster than the old two skis and the speed seems easier to generate.

So I think in the end, the Vice-C was just too advanced for me. I'll probably sell the Vice-C to somebody who is a better skier than me and hope this new Senate can take me to 34 mph and then maybe even get to -22 before thinking about the next ski. I'll keep the old 69" Senate around in case I get fat or rusty again and need to be running 28 mph and also keep it around because it seems to be a really good ski for a bunch of my buddies getting started into the course going 26 mph.
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