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TOPIC: Ski out in front of you?

Ski out in front of you? 9 months ago #9825

I often read or hear about getting the ski out in front of you. What does that mean exactly?

Re: Ski out in front of you? 9 months ago #9826

  • BudDavis
  • Today is a gift, so ski. No promise of more.
I am like you Eddie, I hear or read that and I do not know what it means.

I am sorry I could not help with that term.

Re: Ski out in front of you? 9 months ago #9827

I have used that saying but for me it is not a good thing. If I turn. In for my gate a little on the tail and then load with my shoulder the ski shoots out in front of me off the second wake. This results in me coming I to 1 narrow and on the tail.
The most important thing is to have fun.

Re: Ski out in front of you? 9 months ago #9828

It should be changed around to "You need to get out in front of the ski."
How else would you accelerate. That I understand.

Re: Ski out in front of you? 9 months ago #9829

But you've heard that right?

Re: Ski out in front of you? 8 months, 3 weeks ago #9838

  • AB
The "shooting out in front" happens when you attack the wakes and move the ski from in front of the handle to behind the handle on a wider arc to the turn.

To some this is a natural thing. It wasn't for me. I was stuck at 38 off, no matter how hard I pulled, I just had too much speed and a narrow path. I compared lots of video of me to top skiers back in the day, like Andy, Bob, Carl, etc. and saw that I was on top of my ski in the white water after the wakes and all of these guys had the ski out in front of them with lots of knees bend. I also read an article where Carl said he sort of kicks the ski out in front of him right behind the boat. That struck a chord with me so I started working on this. All of a sudden I was running wider paths to the ball and eventually ran 38 in practice a few times.

I think what happens is that the ski gets on a turn edge faster if it is a little out in front of you, whereas if you are centered over it, you flat ski some which doesn't kill any speed and allows you to get pulled down course by the boat.

Make any sense?

Re: Ski out in front of you? 8 months, 3 weeks ago #9839

  • AB
Google Terry Winter in slow motion.
Just watch the ski and his alignment over it.
As he heads to the wake, he gets more forward than normal skiers, as the more leverage on the front f the ski the more angel and speed is created. About mid-wakes the ski sort of squirts out more in front of him and over onto a pre turn edge right after the wakes.

This is the key move in my opinion that is the wall that people run into. If you don't do this effectively, you will have difficulty moving past 35 off. At least I did. Once I figured it out, I ran a lot of 35 passes that I probably would have missed, and felt 38 went from impossible to very doable.

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