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TOPIC: What do you do differently when YOU shorten line.

What do you do differently when YOU shorten line. 1 year, 4 months ago #9677

  • BudDavis
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What do you do differently when YOU shorten the line?

Look at this split screen video of Regina skiing her warm-up 32 off pass compared to her 39.5 off pass. What do you see different?

The only thing that jumped out for me was her pull out and glide, but the gate shot did not seem that different to me.

I think one big thing that stops people from making their "next line" is trying to go at it harder and just creating more down course speed.

Re: What do you do differently when YOU shorten line. 1 year, 4 months ago #9680

I really try to back my intensity back down and ski it like the pass before or even two passes before. I know I get amped and over pull when I let my nerves get me.
The most important thing is to have fun.

Re: What do you do differently when YOU shorten line. 1 year ago #9722

I have noticed the same thing about pulling too hard as a line gets shorter. I'm still have longer line lengths than you guys are but the same general effect happens. As I move my 22 off past which is easy PZ into my 28 off pass I get way too much speed going into one ball and spend the rest of the past trying to play catch-up. If I can learn to do a nice easy pull into one ball, which is my offside the rest of the course would be much much easier.

Side note is that the ski response much nicer and short line than it does at the longer line lengths. I just need to fix my problem and it will do better.

Re: What do you do differently when YOU shorten line. 1 year ago #9723

I had this conversation s few years a go with Andy Mapple. He told me that he uses the SAME INTENSITY for every pass, and at the longer line lengths, for him, starting at 32 off, he just skis a Wider Course. That in his mind, he imagines the buoys some 3 feet wider, and uses his same technique and intensity every pass. He said it would really screw him up to ski different technique, and use different intensity, at different line lengths.

Another skier that does this same thing as Andy did is Nate Smith. The first comment you hear from people the first time they see him ski is, "Wow, his 39 looked just like his 32." The reason is that it is !!! Nate puts a huge amount of forward COM load on the front of the ski and creates an explosive edge change, releasing ski pressure, while maintaining handle pressure. Known as the Reverse C. This creates a huge castout and preturn. So the ski is skiing a wider path at the longer line lengths, but the technique and intensity look exactly the same.

The first thing I noticed in Nate's Gates, was the big lean and high intensity he had at his opening 32off, which looked the same as 39 off.I thought, if I did that I would be going 80 mph at the ball. Once I realized how to separate ski pressure from handle pressure and therefore create a more massive carryout, giving the ski more time to slow down, and skiing a wider path, everything started coming together. The beauty being your doing the same thing every time at every line length. This is something I have been working hard at, since it is mostly mental. Mentality is not my strong point once I enter the course. It is easiest to do at the gate, since you have the Right Hand gate ball to focus on for your edge change. Much, much, harder to do in the course where things seem to be happening much faster.

Keep in mind if you can do the edge change with your lower body, while maintaining upper body lean, your outbound direction will improve significantly. This is the art of releasing ski pressure, while maintaining handle pressure. I find it the very hardest thing you can do, but soooo rewarding on the occasion you get it right. Good Luck !!!
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Re: What do you do differently when YOU shorten line. 1 year ago #9734

  • DW
As Ed noted, try not to do anything different. In reality a bit of a challenge. If there one thing it would be as the line shortens, I have to remind myself not to pull too long. Not as bit an issue at longer line lengths, but much more critical not to be too fast in to the ball as the line shortens.

Re: What do you do differently when YOU shorten line. 1 year ago #9735

Last week I thought the driver had shortened the line and I amped up my gate shot and was working really hard only to make half the pass. It was enlightening and humbling to find the rope had not been shortened, and how hard it made a pass I almost always make. So lesson learned, ....keep it the same. Wow.

Re: What do you do differently when YOU shorten line. 1 year ago #9736

The whole key to the short line thing can be summed up in TWO WORDS," "SWING SPEED."

The key is to start up High on the boat and maintain that. The Gate Pull Out is utterly, the most important thing you can do. Use a forward MAX lean to accelerate UP on the boat. Don't just lean back, pull hard, to get wide on the boat. That will just make you wide but not UP.... While if you race up, you will also be wide... The rest is forward load, cast out, getting free of the boat, and up on the boat.

The old saying, "If you start narrow, you'll finish narrow," is so true...I would add, "You'll never be wide, if you don't start wide."
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