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TOPIC: waterski "companies" and new brands of skis?

waterski "companies" and new brands of skis? 1 year, 7 months ago #9581

So, recently I decided that I might try a new waterski that I just heard about. The new name has some really respectable skiers on it and when you read the website, seems like possibly a few new ideas on waterskiing performance. So, I attempt to order a ski to demo. Just because, as anyone who knows me will tell you, thats what I do. LOL.
However, the site wouldn't let you ACTUALLY order a ski
So, I wrote an email. "They" responded.
Apparently, their new brand is so popular, they aren't allowing new orders.
BUT, they have demos!!
So I bought one. I think??
Since sending the money thru paypal i have heard basically nothing form them. Not a single note on tracking info? Or even if they have sent the ski? Or if they got my mailing address etc etc.
Its a little annoying. I'm sorry but when I give you 1290$ for a used ski, I'd kinda like to feel like you care if I get it or not. Just saying..
Honestly, I sort of wish I hadn't bought it to try.

Note to other ski companies or in this case wanna be ski companies. No one really gives a poop how many bouys you personally can ski around. Yep, I said it. But they do give a poop about customer service. The only 2 companies in the waterski industry that seem to understand this as far as I can tell are D3 and GOODE!

Ive skied on both at different times in my life, and guess what,..... drumroll please. They excel in customer service! If you call Goode skis, guess what, someone answers the phone and takes care of your problem or question. I was even given Dave Goode's cell phone number one time and HE CALLED ME!! Within like 15 minutes!!

D3 is not quite as good as Goode,,no pun intended LOL. However, anytime that I skied on D 3 and had issues, within a short time frame someone (usually Paul Crawford) would call me to address my concerns. Or just take my order..

LolI guess by now you can tell I'm venting .. sort of. But seriously, a note to "other" waterski companies. When, or if, I ever get this ski? I probably will not even try it. I'll most likely stick with my Goode. If for no other reason, than customer service. Good luck to all the other companies out there though. You're going to need it. LOL
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Re: waterski "companies" and new brands of skis? 1 year, 7 months ago #9583

Did you get the ski?

I hope it wasn’t an Orange ski.
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