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TOPIC: KD Platinum

KD Platinum 2 years, 1 month ago #9576

Anyone ridden the KD Platinum?

Re: KD Platinum 2 years, 1 month ago #9578

I’ll take that as a “no.”

Bud, as our leader I think you should buy a 65” KD Platinum. Test it and give us a detailed report. Then sell the ski to me...lol

Re: KD Platinum 2 years, 1 month ago #9579

I skied a KD Titanium about 7 years back and liked it. Good control nice speed. Bought off of Ebay for $200 range w/o boots. Platinum should be stiffer and faster.

It had a hyperbolic concave and handle rough water decently. Don't know anything about the new ones.

Moved to 3D X5 which had a lighter pull to accelerate cross course. Stayed with D3 Through RCX and Z7 st2. Good skis that allow for bad skiing posture better than some. As my Pull position improved, I could ski on a Goode brand ski without the problems that I had on them earlier. Have been on a 9500, Nano Twist, Now on a 9900 Midride Asymetrical.

Each have been a step up in speed and the Asymetrical ( right foot forward) has definitely helped my off side turns. ( my limiting factor.)

KD's, Goodes, and Radar seem to run with sharper edges and feel more connected to the water. The D3's tend to have softer and more rounded edges and feel a little looser on the water but are also very forgiving skis.

This is a general overview in my opinion. Many of the skier on here are FAR better than I will EVER be and more in the know, but this is what I have noticed in my skiing level ( Intermedate Level ) Usually 28 off range. My problem is NOT the ski. IT IS the SKIER!!!! LOL
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Re: KD Platinum 1 year, 10 months ago #9615

I've been on the KD Platinum for almost a year now. Prior to that I was on the GT and then Nano XT I tried the KD because we decided to sell them. What happened next I did not expect. I started running more buoys more often, the KD has the best offside turn of any ski I have ever been on, its fast side to side and very stable. I have not been on my Nano since.. Increased my PB by a full pass to 2@-39 and ran a lot of deep 11 scores through last season. Freddy Winter ran -41 first time he rode it, now its his ski of choice, if you can get your hands one one give it a try. Austin Abel and Terry Winter in the US...

Re: KD Platinum 1 year, 10 months ago #9618

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