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TOPIC: First time post...Not quite running -32@36

First time post...Not quite running -32@36 5 years, 2 months ago #8056

4th season in the course & I'm getting close to making this pass even though I haven't attempted it much. The intensity seems much higher than -28 which I make frequently & rather smoothly most of the time. I also just increased speed to 36mph. I've had quite a bit of coaching in just the few years I've been in the game but am looking to hear some constructive criticism in hopes that it will pump me up to run this pass regularly. The video is just an intense free ski but maybe something will come to light. Will try to get a few course videos if/when I have someone to shoot. In The course I feel like I don't "backside the ball" @ -28 & -32 as much as I do/can @ -22 which is a simple pass now. I also feel like I should be reaching/stretching farther and with better technique. Anyways, here it is.


Attachment trim.B9FA7AAD-6F46-4CC5-AC58-4E57AC269CDC.MOV not found

Thanks in advance! All comments welcome

Re: First time post...Not quite running -32@36 5 years, 2 months ago #8057

  • BudDavis
  • Today is a gift, so ski. No promise of more.
That is an envyable technique. Very nice indeed. I would need to see course video, however others my be able to critique free skiing.

Welcome to SkiAll6.

Re: First time post...Not quite running -32@36 5 years, 2 months ago #8059

  • LEE
  • So, your sayin' there's a chance!
Nice job!

Because of the lack of Time/distance parameters, it is hard to eval with regards to actually being in the course. Congrats, there are a lot of good things going on there.
The things that may need some attention IMO, are your width, your Handle control and your Hips.

In rev. order from above;
1st priority: If you improve your Hip position, (i.e. "Hips Up" thrust pelvic fwd, not allowing Butt to drag as sitting/squatting back in a chair...) your Speed/Control/Leverage will all improve dramatically.

2nd: The above improvement will also help your Handle control and help to eliminate the separation of the Handle/Arms. -Especially from Center of Wake out to Glide. Ideally, you want to maintain a Low Anchor Point for the Handle as much as possible. These two things should get you wider and you will be much quicker to your ideal width. This will be of Great benefit when fighting the Time/distance parameters in the Course.

Maybe this article would help: What the Heck is Handle Control? skiall6.com/articles/bruce-butterfield/9...ck-is-handle-control

Re: First time post...Not quite running -32@36 5 years, 2 months ago #8065

Nice video! Looks like strong skiing. Totally agree with Lee.
That said I'm surprised you are not getting through 32 as I would think your strength would allow you to make up errors in the pass.
A course video really is essential.
(If I had to, I would guess that the fact you initiate the turns with your shoulders will be playing havoc with your timing in the course causing you to force the turns and creating "hits")

Re: First time post...Not quite running -32@36 5 years, 2 months ago #8068

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the compliments and suggestions. I'm also glad to be a part of ski all 6! I do believe you are all on to what happens in the course. I didn't really even want to post a free ski vid but those are much easier to come by as I ski the course mostly with just a driver. I will post a course video ASAP.

As for the suggestions:

1) what are good thoughts as to NOT initiate the turn with the shoulders. I haven't had much success with this although it's quite decent @ -22 & gets worse as the rope shortens. I feel like I rush back to grab the handle and can't get myself to ski to it no matter how hard I try.

2) when talking hip position, are we looking for them to be more consistently up throughout all movements? Preturn, Turn, lean, & edge change ? The only way I have been able to better this to where I am now is to think shoulders back & arms long. I believe (as mentioned) keeping the handle anchored low will also help this along. I have to imagine as it goes up so does our upper body.

Thanks again!

Re: First time post...Not quite running -32@36 5 years, 2 months ago #8070

Best way to practice non-shoulder turning is free skiing as you are doing. The gate, or first pull out is where to start:
On your glide keep the line tight (handle on right hip) when you want to turn in keep your body as upright as possible (facing to shore ideally - this want some term counter rotation), step forward on the front foot and right edge of the ski - effectively pushing your right hip to the gate but with your head and shoulders vertical. Will seem really wierd - but that's good if it is at all familiar to what you have been doing you are not doing it right
What should happen is the ski rotates under you with no effort allowing you to pick up the load in the right direction.
Then do what you do until the other side.
Treat every bouy as a new gate - stand tall, hip forward on to inside edge, body upright etc.

This way The course is 7 starts and NO turns, right now your free ski video is 7 turns and no starts.
Anyway just a thought -difficult to convey in text.
Have fun!
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Re: First time post...Not quite running -32@36 5 years, 2 months ago #8071

Handle control article made lots of sense. Thank you. Great article. I can tell I don't utilize this and it also probably forces a shoulder turn as my upper body gets pulled in and fwd as I approach the ball.
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