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TOPIC: 35 Off Video - Help Please

35 Off Video - Help Please 5 years, 8 months ago #7381

Just switched from the A3(2013) to a 66" V-Type.

Here is a video of me running 35. This not the best 35 I ran on my V but it's good enough for this purpose. Unfortunately don't have any video's to compare with my A3.

I am running 35 off almost every time just like on my A3. I have done a 11 sets on the V-Type, played with the fin a little but pretty much back at stock again now.

I definitely think I need to get wider on the gate, and when I edge change not to drop the handle/ my shoulders down/towards the inside of the course, pushing me narrow?

I am stuck at 2 ball at 38 so I presume it's something I am doing wrong at 35 off?

Let me know your thoughts,critic's, comments etc

Also does anyone have settings they are running on their V-Types and care to share?

Thanks in advance

Re: 35 Off Video - Help Please 5 years, 8 months ago #7383

You will help yourself out considerably if you can get farther up on the boat to start..Your getting to wide to early...Use more forward COM on the pullout to race up farther on the boat so you can start with much more angle...Basic form is good, just add that angle in the beginning and life will be easier.
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Re: 35 Off Video - Help Please 5 years, 8 months ago #7384

  • BudDavis
  • Today is a gift, so ski. No promise of more.

Great skiing! You make 35off, 36mph look easy, and I know it is not. There is only a very small percentage of skiers out there that have or will ever run 35off 36mph.

I have a hard time with your wide angle lens. When I watch your video, the lens makes you look very narrow, but I know you are wider than you look to my eye.

I agree that it appears that you pull out very early, get wide, and then slow down and drift in before your turn in. But look at the pictures below where we are both behind a CC200, so you can look to see where the rope is, and we are both at 12m, but I am only skiing 34.2mph.

What que do you use for your pull out? What que do you use for your turn in?

Could you video with a regular lens and let us see it please?

In the first picture, look where the green buoys are and our difference of width when you first see the green buoys.

I also included pictures when we are at the buoys. The rope seems to be in the same place on the boat but because of the wide angle lens, at first glance, you look narrow even though you are not.

I would try to get wider before the turn buoys so you can finish your turns closer to the buoys. It looks like you are headed out bound when you pass the turn buoys, but that might just look that way because of the wide angle lens.









Re: 35 Off Video - Help Please 5 years, 8 months ago #7385

  • AB
I would agree with Ed about getting a better setup and trying to get earlier to one ball. I think the intensity off one ball into the first wake could be a little better, as you start standing up. Look at the getting early thread a few days ago. Think about trying to get your lean 6" lower as you go into the first wake, as that will help counter act the boat trying to stand you up. This should let you edge change a little sooner as well so you can turn tighter on the buoys.

Looks good though! Diito what Bud says about 35@36.
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Re: 35 Off Video - Help Please 5 years, 8 months ago #7387

  • LEE
  • So, your sayin' there's a chance!
Agreed fully with Bud's observations on the Camera, lens, optical illusion on the width, etc...

Also, pretty awesome skiing @ 36mph!

I am LFF and seem to have some similar issues on my Pullout and Turn in. I believe you would benefit by maybe using the same visual pullout que as you are using now. But, Pull out much less abrupteley and aggressively. Just pullout SMOOTHLY and progressively and you'll reach your top speed and width a tad later and physically be in a better body position, speed and width at your turn in.

Watch your Body (and Spray) after you get out close to width on the video. By hammering the pullout, when you let up (out near width) your body immediately gets pulled back in towards the wakes. (watch the spray) Then, your shoulders are turned in towards the Boat. (giving up more width and direction)As a LFF skier, you really need to face your eyes and shoulders, straight down course on your Glide and continue holding this position until your ski, legs and hips have already initiated the turn in.

Look at the still shots from Bud's post. They really illustrate the shoulders turned in (Closed) on the Glide and turn in. But, on the 7th image, it shows how beautifully you are Opened (countered) at 2-4 or 6 Ball! Also, look at Bud's "Opened" shoulders at his turn in image #4.

These are all the very same things that the Master Andy, saw at fault with my pullout and turn in as well!

Hope this helps
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