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Fin Adjustments
The adjustable fin on the ski is designed to "fine-tune" performance characteristics which may vary
between individual skiing styles, skier weight and boat speed. There are three types of adjustments
that can be made to the fin: depth, length, and distance to the tail.
Distance to the Tail of the Ski
An adjustment forward (toward the tip of the ski) lifts the front and drops the tail during an on-side
turn. An adjustment backward drives the front into the water and raises the tail.
Fin Depth
More depth improves stability and holding power, while less depth makes it easier to turn.
Fin Length
An increased fin length drives the tip of the ski into the water during the off-side turn. A fin with shorter
length raises the tip of the ski.
Each type of adjustment will substantially change the performance of the ski. The less the leading
edge of the fin is out of the ski, the more the fin will keep the front of the ski up. The longer the
leading edge, the more it drives the front into the water.
In order to accurately verify results, only one type of adjustment should be made between ski rides.
Do not exceed .020" of adjustment per ski ride. Exceeding this tolerance can result in unacceptable
results and quick falls.
Once the ultimate fin position has been determined, mark and/or measure the fin position. Therefore,
if the fin is accidentally moved the exact position can be easily readjusted.
Wing / Spoiler
The wing is designed to help slow the ski down as you approach the turns. The more angle you set
on the wing, the faster your ski will decelerate into the turns. The tolerances for the wing angle should
be kept between 6-10 degrees.
Adjustment Options
Problem Solution
Difficult to initiate turn Decrease fin depth, and/or move fin forward
Unstable and/or too fast into turns Increase fin depth and/or move fin backward
Too much ski tip in water on both left and right turns Increase fin depth
Too much ski in the water while turning off-side causing breaking at the waist Decrease fin length
Too much ski in the water while turning on-side Move fin forward
Too much ski tip out of the water during on-side turns Move fin backward
Difficult to initiate angle across wakes Move fin forward
Ski overturns and gets too much angle across wakes Move fin backward and/or add depth
Ski changes edges too slowly Decrease fin depth and/or move fin forward
Ski is too responsive Increase fin depth and/or move fin backward
To adjust fin settings: 1) Record wing angle and remove the wing. 2) Loosen Allen screws on the fin
clamps to allow the fin to slide with only a slight pressure. 3) Adjust to desired settings using set
screws. 4) Tighten Allen screws to hold fin tightly in place. 5) Check measurement after tightening
screws as sometimes the fin will move while tightening 6) Replace wing to desired angle using D3
Skis angle gauges.


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