What SkiAll6.com is about:


This website was launched on January 26th 2012. It is your website. I just host it for you. I have learned a lot from all the skiers here that share their knowledge and what they have learned along the way on their journey through life.

It is not what we have that is important, but what we leave in our wake.

Thank you for coming aboard and sharing on SkiAll6.com

Post your videos for free coaching to advance your slalom skills. This does not take the place of professional "one-on-one" coaching, so visit the list of coaches and schools and make reservations. If you know of anyone not on the list, please send me their information through the contact page and I will add them.

Watch instructional videos to learn basic to advanced slalom. 

Read articles to gain knowledge to help you achieve your goals in the slalom course.

See tips and tricks on making things yourself to use for skiing.

Join in the SkiAll6.com forum to read and share.

Keep coming back to visit SkiAll6.com as more information fills this website. Add this site to your "Favorites Bar" so that it is only one click away.

I believe a logbook can help skiers improve through keeping a record of what works and what doesn’t work. We are humans and can forget things we have tried in the past. I designed this logbook in MS Excel. It is easy to use and there is a short version and there is a long version for people that like more detail. The tabs for each are located on the bottom left of the spreadsheet. There are also pages for fin setting and flex records.Click here to open or download it free.



Mission Statement: The purpose of this website is to form a common ground for all slalom water skiers, from pros to beginners, to share thoughts and ideas about skiing, so there can be teaching and learning, in a convenient environment suited for all ages and genders, and give skiers a place to post their videos to receive help in improving their skiing ability and help to grow the sport of slalom water skiing.

Origin of the name: I was trying to think of a short name that expressed good slalom water skiing at all line lengths. I think it is safer to smoothly ski around all six buoys than scrap around just a few. I felt "SkiAll6" fit well. 

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